Happy Push Arcade Machine

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Happy Push Arcade Game Machine 

Ever wondered what could bring a timeless, crowd-pleasing allure to your business? The answer lies in the Happy Push Arcade Machine. It is a timeless delight that captivates crowds and suits a spectrum of businesses. Designed to transcend age barriers, this nostalgic arcade gem promises an engaging experience for players of all generations. Equipped with our exclusive control system, each cabin boasts five degrees of difficulty, which adds an element of challenge to the excitement. The visual spectacle is heightened by the dazzling alternation of colourful lights between cabins and gift boxes. It creates an eye-catching display that enhances the gaming ambiance. Curious about how to dive into the fun? Simply insert coins and let the Happy Push Arcade Machine do the rest. Move the joystick to align the rod, then press the button to elevate it. If the rod successfully finds its mark, the gift will drop down.

Designed for minimal maintenance, it allows businesses to concentrate on customer satisfaction. What sets this arcade marvel apart is the assurance of a prize every time. Even if the grand prize eludes players, a capsule reward is guaranteed. Players can get prize in every attempt.

More than just a source of entertainment, the Happy Push Arcade Machine invokes nostalgia with its classic gameplay. Versatile enough for various establishments, from arcades to shopping centres, it promises a constant stream of joyous players across all age groups. Immerse your business in the world where simplicity meets fun, and everyone emerges a winner with this remarkable device.

  Name  Happy Push-Most popular Prize Push Win Vending Machine 
  Age  Above 3 year's
  Plug type  OEM
  Player  1 Player
  Type  Coin-operated
  MOQ  1 set
  Material  Metal
  Working Power  110~240V; 50/60HZ
  Suit for  Shopping Mall, Amusement park, Playground, Indoor game   center

1. Our own control system.
2. 5 degrees of difficulty for every cabin.
3. Colorful lights flash alternately for cabins and gift boxes, the visual effect is amazing.
5. If not win, there will be a capsule reward. So players can GET PRIZE EVERY TIME.

  Easy to play 1. Insert coins to start the game.
2. Move joystick to control rod, once align well, release the joystick
3. Press the button to control the rod up, if the rod enters into the hole, the gift will drop down.
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Happy Push Arcade Machine
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